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Gongyi henan embellish sea water purification materials co., LTD. Is manufacturer mainly produces:Volcanic rocks in the filter material、Volcanic rocks in the biological filter materialSuch as water purification filter material products,Volcanic rocks in the packing price calls:13703905211.

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Company profileGongyi henan embellish sea water purification materials co., LTD. Is the production、Sales in the integration of real manufacturers,The main:Polyacrylamide、Fiber ball filter material、Biological volcanic rocks in the filter material、Magnetite filter material、Bacteria cultureIndustrial glucoseMolecular sieve、Water treatment materials such as floating ball packing,The quality is supreme、Good credit、Prices are low、Availability timely,For more:Pulping and papermaking wastewater、Pharmaceutical、Wash hair、Alcohol、Urban sewage treatment plant、Groundwater、The power plant、Electroplating、Textiles、Steel mills、Industrial waste water、The boiler、Domestic sewage、Coal washing、Metallurgy、Breeding、Oil fields、Dye、Printing and dyeing、The coking wastewater、Petroleum chemical industry、Leather、Wood processing、Waste water、Mining、Wastewater containing heavy metals、Organic phosphorus、Organochlorines、The casting,Leather,Food variety of industry wastewater treatment。Volcanic rocks in the filter materialFactory warmly welcome new and old customers to rest assured the choose and buy!
        Chairman of the board of directors of the company,Rate, general manager of all staff is willing to take the quality,Credibility,Service with the new and old customers hand in hand,Create brilliant。

  • Volcanic rocks in the filter material
  • Molecular sieve
  • Industrial glucose

Black volcanic rock filter materialWhy choose biological deodorization【Volcanic rocks in the filter material】?    Volcanic rocks in the packingEffective removal of hydrogen sulfide、The stench gas such as ammonia,Significantly reduce the sewageCODAnd the content of ammonia nitrogen,
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5-8Black volcanic rock filter material5-8mmBlack volcanic rock filter material used for the industrial organic wastewater treatment
    Volcanic efficient hanging membrane biological filter material volcanic efficient membrane biological filter material......
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